Setting the Table for Thanksgiving | WGL

Any holiday that revolves around food is undoubtedly a favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is, of course, at the top of the list. The entire holiday literally revolves around food, and what way to better honor that food than to present it on a beautifully decorated table? With the much-anticipated food-fest just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share some tablescape inspiration for those of you who are hosting this food-and family-oriented at your homes this year.

While a traditional pumpkin and fall colored table is always beautiful and festive, throwing some other elements into your tablescape can really make your table pop. With the use of other seasonal fruits like pomegranates, citrus fruits and apples, a table can come completely alive with color! And even though the typical fall elements aren’t making an appearance, the tables still clearly scream “fall” and provide a cozy and inviting place for family members and friends to come together for the holiday.

If mixing fruits and flower isn’t your thing, you can still customize your table using other fall elements and colors. Plaid scarves and deep blues, purples, reds and black are all fall colors that can be intermixed on your table to introduce some pops of bold colors and patterns. Your guests will be feeling all of the fall and Thanksgiving vibes with these cozy tables!  From all of us at With Grace and Love Events, we wish all of you a fun, safe and tummy-filled Thanksgiving. We are most thankful for you, our wonderful clients (past, current and future!), vendor partners, our families and our friends. Thank you for making our job so enjoyable and fulfilling every day, month and year!

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It’s All In The Details | WGL

A wedding is without-a-doubt one of the most beautiful and wonderful things that couples and their loved ones celebrate throughout the course of their lives. A day (or even several days!) devoted to love and a lifetime of happiness. A day that, although unique because every single couple is different, really comes down to the same exact thing: companionship and soulmates. So, even though your wedding day will not be like any other because you and your fiancé are not like anyone else, there are still the same series of events – ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, toasts and dancing. And yet despite the similarities, there are so many ways to make your wedding day special and just yours!

One of the easiest ways to customize your wedding is to throw in some texture. So many people these days are afraid to be bold with their wedding day, thinking that pops of color are the safest way to be “wild.” Colors are, without-a-doubt, a fun way to add some depth to your wedding day, but you can be even more unique by changing it up with some patterns. Instead of plain white table linens, see if you can find some that have some embroidered designs or gentle patterns of color woven into them. If you’re afraid to go that obvious, you can still find subtle ways to add these contrasts in, like the groomsmen’s ties or socks, or even the dinner napkins (just like table linens, you can find these bad boys with textures and patterns, too!).

Flowers, just like clothing, are seasonal and can be very trendy. Especially in the wedding industry. Once you start hunting for vendors, you’ll start to notice that everyone’s portfolios look pretty similar. It’s easy to follow the trends and let your florist take the reins (after all, it is their job), but if you don’t like the style of what’s “in,” there’s no reason you should have to settle for it. If you want tropical flowers in your bouquet, then by all means you should have them! Although flowers are supposed to complement your dress, your bridesmaids, and your venue, you can easily make a statement that screams “you” by customizing your florals.

While it’s customary for the bride to wear a white dress on her wedding day, there is no rule book that says you have to! Truth-be-told, white doesn’t look great on every skin tone, and there may be a different color that just speaks to your soul. So many designers these days are making dresses in blush pink, beige, light grey/blue, and even lavender! While you may think a colored gown doesn’t seem “bridal,” you’d be surprised. They are elegant enough to where they don’t look like a prom dress, but not too garish that they don’t look like a wedding dress, either.

If you have a million friends and can’t decide how to narrow them down to your core wedding party – then don’t! There’s absolutely no reason you even have to have bridesmaids and groomsmen. A lot of people don’t even want the hassle of being in a wedding party, so make it easy on them and yourself and just have it be the two of you. Turn getting ready in the morning into a fun brunch event and invite all of your friends! You can still get photos with everyone, they just won’t be in matching gowns.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding day. So many people think that there’s some sort of tradition that has to be followed in order to have a “real” wedding – but there really isn’t! One of the coolest things about weddings (and one of the things couples rarely take advantage of), is that they are completely customizable and can be tailored just to fit the two of you. And if you want to be different but are feeling stumped on ways to do this, turn to your coordinator! After all, creativity is basically a planner’s middle name.

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Engagement Photos: Tips & Tricks | WGL



One of the most fun and exciting parts of being engaged (for the ladies, at least) is taking your engagement photos! They can be such a creative and memorable way to encapsulate the love and emotions you both felt during your affianced days. If you’ve been checking out Pinterest for inspiration, you’ve no doubt found a ton of fun and clever ideas that you’d like to incorporate into your own photo shoot.

One of the very first steps to getting a jump start on your engagement shoot is to pick a place and a date. Work with your photographer to figure out what time of year will work best with the location of your choice. If you’re having a summer wedding, a fall or winter shoot could work great with your wedding timeline. Plus, engagement photos give you an excuse to experiment with outfits and colors in a season opposite your wedding. It’s like a sneaky little loophole that allows you to incorporate more than one season into your wedding! Just don’t forget that there’s always going to be weather! In winter there may be snow or rain, in summer there may be blistering heat or, depending on location, a coastal marine layer. Your photographer is the professional and a built-in sounding board – part of their job is to help advise you on these things! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance.

Another tip for choosing your location is knowing that’s okay if you want to travel for your shoot. Almost all photographers are willing to travel, so remember this when choosing your location. Maybe you and your fiancé enjoy trips to the coast, or you love to go hiking on the weekends, or maybe your idea of fun is hanging out by the pool in your backyard. Whatever your vision is, your photographer should be able to accommodate you. Of course, you definitely want to check on that before booking someone. Be sure you know what travel fees are (there will be some), and what the maximum distance is. If you dream of an engagement shoot in Italy because it’s where you got engaged, it may be more cost effective for you to find a photographer there instead of flying one out from the states.

Plan ahead with your photographer about having props in your shoot. Whether you use pets, a bouquet, hats, or even using nature such as leaves or snow – these are all great ways to add a little dimension and interest to your photos, and also a foolproof way to break the ice when starting off your shoot. As both you and your photographer get warmed up, it can often times be a bit awkward getting accustomed to the poses and taking direction. And if you and your partner have never taken professional photos together before, the beginning tends to be a bit choppy. Throwing in a prop is a great distraction and a fun way to soften the mood.

Putting together outfits seems like it would be the easiest part, but for some couples this can be the hardest! While it can be tempting to wear trendy and seasonal clothes, it’s best to try and keep your photos as timeless as possible (unless you are doing a theme of some sort). At this point you will have already chosen your location, so consult your photographer if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas. Generally, prints and plaids can appear “busy” and distracting in photos, so staying with solid colors or neutral tones is a good rule of thumb to follow when choosing outfits. It’s also a good idea to have several back-up outfits in case of weather change, or maybe your photographer thinks another option will be more flattering with your location. You’ll also want to select things that you’ll be comfortable in for 2-3 hours. Most engagement shoots aren’t anticipated to go that long, but if your photographer is feelin’ it, your shoot may just go a little bit longer!

Chat with your photographer ahead of time about certain poses you’d like to try, since you’ve undoubtedly grabbed some cute ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. It’s important to get a gauge of whether or not he or she will be open to using your ideas. While most photographers are more than accommodating, some refuse to be “posey” and abide by a go-with-the-flow type of mindset. They see where the location, lighting and the day take them. If you and your photographer don’t see eye-to-eye on how your engagement shoot should go, you may want to shop around a little more until you find somebody better suited to your vision. If you do have a photographer that will work your ideas into the photos, be sure to communicate and send the inspiration photos ahead of time so that the timeline can be worked out accordingly.

Whether you’re hiring people or doing it yourself, it’s best to do a trial of hair and makeup before your shoot. This seems silly since it’s “just” engagement photos, but the last thing you want is to hate your makeup the day of your shoot and have no time to change it. The weather, the location, the time of year, and the time of day may all play into how you want to look so be sure to keep these things in mind when you’re planning not only your beauty, but your outfits, too.

As always, you can touch base with your coordinator if you’re not feeling inspired. There’s always a portfolio of prior weddings and engagement shoots that ideas can be pulled from. Coordinators also have a list of vendors they work with on a regular basis, and can easily help you narrow down a photographer based on the style you like.

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Color of Love | WGL

When you get engaged, there’s a level of excitement and eagerness, and a new level of love you never knew you could have before; the reality that you get to plan an entire day revolving around your love is pretty amazing! It can also be a bit overwhelming, too, as the wedding industry is a melting pot of floral arrangements, venues, color schemes, dress styles, honeymoon destinations, music selections, decorations… You get the idea. The list goes on.

One of the first things you’re going to be asked as a new bride-to-be is, “What are your wedding colors?” This may seem like any easy question, especially if you’ve been scouring Pinterest and have been storing away lots of wedding day ideas, but once you start going back through everything you’ve saved, you may realize that your wedding plans are all over the place.

The wedding industry, much like fashion and home décor, is ever-evolving and equally as trendy. Every year the gown styles, floral arrangements, color schemes and preferred venues change. And with Pinterest and Instagram being at the current forefront of every bride-to-be’s wedding planning radar, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s #trendingnow. Especially if you had no vision of your wedding prior to being engaged.

When it comes to color, the wedding trends tend to be a season or two behind everybody else. Pantone, a company that predicts color trends for the upcoming year, is a great source to go to if you’re focused on staying on trend. This tends to be an easier route to go when it comes to planning, since there’s generally already plethora of wedding photos on social media to use as inspiration for specific color schemes. While you can find just about anything online these days, the more recent colors of the year are going to have newer, better quality photos and more inspiration options. If you’re not feeling any of the recent Pantone chosen colors, that’s okay! There are a million colors out there and it’s easier than you think to hone in on your wedding day color scheme.

If Pinterest has been your wedding day sounding board since you met the love of your life, then you undoubtedly already have hundreds, if not thousands of ideas virtually pinned and saved. Going back through everything can be a mundane process, but if you aren’t sure about what colors you want, this is going to be your best bet for figuring that out. Start combing through your pins and pulling our your absolute favorites. Once you’ve got a smaller grouping of pins you love, start looking at them as a whole. Do any of the colors match up? Are the venues similar? Is there a style of bridal gown that keeps making an appearance? Is there a floral color that’s consistent? All of these elements will help to figure out what the right color choices will be for your wedding day.

A couple of things to keep in mind when honing in on your color scheme will be your venue and the time of year you get married. Almost all flower varietals are only available during certain times of the year. You may be leaning toward a dark purple color, but if your wedding is in the spring, a lighter lavender with complimentary hues of white, blush and magenta wouldbe much more appropriate. If you’re set on a darker purple, then perhaps you should be keeping a fall or winter wedding day in mind. You don’t want the colors you choose to contrast with your amazing venue. You’re the star of the show on your wedding day! You want everything around you to accentuate you and your loved one, not take away from you two!

If you’re still feeling stuck, turn to your coordinator for help! It can be a bit scary, but often times they will encourage you to step outside the box a little bit and try something slightly different than what everyone else is doing. They are the professionals, after all!






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Metals | With Grace & Love

“Through Love, All That is Copper Will Be Gold”

“A solid material that is typically hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile, with good electrical and thermal conductivity”. No, we aren’t talking about your relationship with your man…we’re talking about metals!

As we embark on the 2017 wedding season, it’s apparent some trends are crossing over from last season. One of those trends are metals; whether its iron, gold, silver, copper, or aluminum, these versatile components are a must have on your special day. These metals can be found in any shapes or sizes; silverware, plates, cake stands, signature drink glasses and even as accents in your bouquet. Luckily, all metals complement each other; so don’t hesitate on layering or combining different metals. Get creative with your cake table, put your three-tier ivory cake on a rose gold cake stand and share your romantic or messy cake cutting moment using a pewter serving set.

Creativity is key! Mixing metals and colors is a great way to express yourself while sticking to your style. Whether your theme is bohemian, formal, vintage, or tropical, metals can complement any style. Another way to incorporate this idea of mixing metals into your big day is in the bridesmaid’s dresses. Mix and match solid color dresses with sparkles or metallic dresses; this also gives your girls the chance to express their own styles. If this is too flashy for your beach ceremony, have your girls rock some shiny or sparkly sandals.

Whether you’re a DIY bride or a professional online shopper with a million purchased email confirmations, metals are friendly tools to use to add special little touches. Don’t restrain your creativity when it comes to your big day, after all it is one of the biggest days of your life. So, express your style in a way that represents you and your groom. Wow your guests with a pop of metal here and there; it will be that hidden gem that will keep them in awe all day.

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Thanksgiving Dinner With Sara Grace | With Grace & Love



Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving surrounded by our friends & family – and we wanted to give you a little sneak peek into Sara’s home! With Grace & Love Events works with brides on wedding design throughout the year so it’s fun to bring our design world into our own homes for the holidays.


Simplistic elegance was the idea behind the table design, with neutral palette and bright pops of color in the flowers. With

Grace & Love worked with a few of our favorite vendors renting tabletop items and took a DIY approach to the floral centerpieces to complete the look!

Grey + white seem to be a running them towards the end of 2016 and we’re hoping the trend continues into 2017. Wedding design has long been stuck on blush pinks and we’re ready for a neutral change 🙂

Linens – La Tavola Fine Linen
Rentals – Celebrations Party Rentals




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Thanksgiving Design | With Grace & Love

This year we will be hosting both our first Thanksgiving dinner and very first Friendsgiving party. That being said, there’s been a lot of talk in our office about designing the core focus of both of events….the dining table!

Being wedding planners we take tablescape design very seriously. It is physically and mentally impossible for us to turn off our wedding planning eye for design. Of course we’ve gone over every detail of both our Thanksgiving & Friendsgiving tablescape design (twice already) and are here to share our inspirations with you for your very own tablescape design!


The Centerpiece: This year our obsession has been with the neutrals—which makes sense why we are head over heels for a fairytale pumpkin centerpiece. It’s a soft and gracious way to bring attention to your dining table.


Place Settings: To match our neutral tone setting, we decided for Friendsgiving to go with a wicker Rattan. It adds the perfect touch to the natural and casual look we are trying to achieve for Friendsgiving.

What we loved about this setting is we could easily change out the charger for a more classic and elegant look. We decided to go with this look for Thanksgiving dinner.

Isn’t it amazing how much a charger can change the entire feel of a table? This is a great tip to keep in mind when designing your wedding tablescape!

Place Cards:  After seeing mini pumpkins in Trader Joes for a whopping .69 cents, we were sold! We plan on hand painting our guests name on them for place cards. We also saw on Pinterest some really cute place cards that said “Thankful for (name)” and thought that was a very personal touch.


You can see more of our inspirations on our Pinterest board! Have fun designing your Thanksgiving table! Here’s to lots of turkey, wine, family & friends!

With Grace & Love Events

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Marisa + Cameron’s Rainy Wedding Day | With Grace & Love

RAIN. It’s supposed to be wedding day good luck, but in reality, it’s typically a bride’s worst fear. You’ve worked so hard planning your wedding and dreaming about how perfect the day will be and then the weather man calls for rain and nearly gives you a heart attack in those precious days leading up to the wedding.

We’ve been there & we’ve handled that. Rain does not have to ruin your dream wedding day, in fact, it can make your wedding ten times more magical. See photo below of a With Grace & Love rainy wedding day that resulted in a RAINBOW!! Seriously the most magical thing we’ve witnessed. (You can see more of the wedding here).

D. Lillian Photography

As we head into the rainy season, we wanted to share some tips for how to handle and prepare for rain to make sure your wedding day is perfect.

PLAN B: When venue shopping for a spring or fall wedding, be sure to ask if the venue has a backup for rain. This can save you a lot of stress in the long run if a Plan B is already established for you and can be a seamless transition.

TENT: Ask for a tent quote months in advance. This way you will know what to expect and won’t be shocked by the price the week before the wedding. (Tents can be very costly)

HAVE FUN! If it’s going to rain, why not make the most of it! Purchase some scotch guard for your shoes, maybe some darling rain boots and we can’t forget the cute umbrellas! Dancing in the rain is everyone’s favorite. J (You can find cute umbrellas here)

WEDDING COORDINATOR: Wedding Coordinators and Wedding Planners handle rain situations often. Having us on your side means we’ll help you figure out a Plan B or C and take the stress off your plate so you can enjoy being a BRIDE! It’s our job to make sure your wedding is everything you’ve dreamed of and we are more than happy to handle a little rain!

EYE ON THE PRIZE: Rain or shine, you’ll be marrying the love of your life on this day. Rain is not going to stop that. It’ll be one of the BEST days of your life! Things may not be the way you planned, but in the end, your day will be perfect because you’ll say “I do!” That’s the most important part!

TTFN-ta ta for now!

With Grace & Love Events

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Bridal Fashion Week – Fall 2017 | WGL

Bridal Fashion Week is our favorite week of the year—technically weeks thanks to spring/fall fashion! It’s a week full of dreamy bridal gowns and inspiring trends topped with the ultimate swooning. Basically every bride & wedding planner’s dream! This fall Bridal Fashion week literally swept us off our feet.  Here are a few of our favorite trends from Bridal Fashion Week, photos courtesy of


d526b29bf75431fefae2a659b1e4b98aSleeves are the ultimate princess bride touch. Remember Kate Middleton on her wedding day? Us too; and we still have all the heart eyes for her bride style.

Sleeves are perfect for the bride planning a wedding with a classic, romantic feel. We’d love to see this trend in a spring garden wedding

or even an outdoor fall wedding.




6c90055507be6a6bfdfc484d399befcbSIMPLE STATEMENT


If we had to pick a trend from Bridal Fashion Week we love most, it’s this one. The simple statement wedding dress is perfect for the modern wedding and bride. We love that the dress lets the bride’s beauty do the talking. We’re firm believers in, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”








We are so excited to see more Boho dresses on the runway this year. Boho brides have a special place in our heart and we love the free-spirited feeling these dresses give us! These dresses are perfect for a bride planning a Boho wedding. We’d love to see this trend in beach weddings or whimsical forest wedding next year.







The illusion neckline makes our hearts skip a beat. So soft, feminine, and full of grace. We love the subtle seductive look of the sheer neckline. It’s different and unexpected, yet so bridal at the same time.

This look is perfect for the bride who’s modest and a dash of daring. We’d love to see this trend in every wedding next year—we love it that much!





3D details are so unique and a great choice for the bride that is looking to do something different for her wedding day! It’s such an unexpected detail that is sure to wow


your guests when walking down the aisle.

There are so many options with 3D details, we’d love to see our brides pick one that reflects their own personality and wedding style.

Happy dress shopping & wedding planning!


With Grace & Love Events

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Wedding Details – Escort Card Inspiration | WGL

At With Grace & Love Events we love details that uniquely represent you. One of our favorite ways to display these details is through an escort card display. There are so many creative and fun displays to choose from–the possibilities are endless! To inspire your escort card display, we’ve gathered a few our favorites!

For the Modern Wedding:

-Agate Slices & Geometric Tiles









For the Traditional Wedding:

-Classic Calligraphy Cards & Acrylic Signs









For the Rustic Wedding:

-Antique Door or Window & Wood Frames









For the Classic and Formal Wedding:

-Mirrors & Sip and Seats









For the Boho Wedding:

-Ombre Seating Chart & Floral Cards









Photo Credits:

Agate Slices/ Kim Weglin @CustomCallligraphy | Geometric Tiles/ Kim Weglin @ CustomCalligraphy | Traditional Escort Cards/ Kim Weglin @ CustomCalligraphy | Acrylic Wall/ via Once Wed/ Kate Holstein Photograpghy/Joy Thigpen Design | Vintage Window Door/ via Wedding Chicks/ Kelsey Stewart Photography | Wood Slices/ Kim Weglin @ CustomCalligrapghy | Mirror/ via Mod Wedding/ Honey Honey Photography/ Chic to Chic Wedding | Sip + Seat/ via Style Me Pretty Vault/ Closer to Love Photography | Ombre/ via Style Me Pretty | Floral Escort Cards/via 100 Layer Cake

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